Python Sandbox

Practice your Python skills in the cloud!

About Python Sandbox

Python Sandbox is a construct of Ken Burres (me), a high school teacher of programming and mathematics.

Python Sandbox was started in early 2016 in order to provide high school students a place to learn and practice programming with the Python language.

Python Sandbox was first utilized by the Introduction to Programming of class of Hawthorne Christian Academy, at which Ken is a teacher and the Technology Coordinator.

Inspiration Behind Python Sandbox

Today there is a great volume of sites that promote the learning and practice of coding, many of which I have used. When I made the decision in early 2016 to incorporate Python into my Introduction to Programming course curriculum I had every intention on utilizing CodeSkulptor, which I believe is a fantastic resource. However, I also wanted to utilize the Turtle-type (Logo) coding into my course. I knew CodeSkulptor was based on Skulpt, so I took a look at their code to see what I could do with it.

In a little less than 24 hours, I was able to leverage the great work that has been done with Skulpt to build a little site that my students could use. In the days that followed, I began implementing some of the features I love about CodeSkulptor (file saving, downloading, etc.) as well as added a number of features of my own.

If it weren't for a few extra features that I really wanted, I would have used CodeSkulptor in my class.
Like, CodeSkulptor, Skulpt powers Python Sandbox.
CodeMirror provides our editor with its function and styling.
A great language with which to ease your students into programming.
Great free Bootstrap themes.
The PHP Framework I don't ever want to be without.